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Skunk-RabiesWe'd like to bring to your attention that there has recently been a documented case of a skunk with rabies in the Brockton area. It is imperative that you check that your pet's rabies vaccines are up-to-date. Please be aware of, and stay away from, any stray or sickly animals. If your pet gets bitten by an animal with rabies, your pet could be in danger of contracting rabies as well. Protect your pet and visit your vet!

Please contact your local animal control for any questions or concerns.


Dutch Mill Bulbs Fundraiser

Bulb-FundraiserBlue Dog Shelter is fundraising with Dutch Mill Bulbs to earn money to care for our shelter dogs. All items from Dutch Mill are guaranteed to grow and bloom, and Blue Dog earns 50% profit on every sale. We are hoping you'll be able to help!

It's easy! Make your selections, provide billing and shipping information, and choose a secure method of payment (credit card or PayPal). A shipping fee of $4.00 will be applied to orders of 24 packages or fewer, free shipping on orders of 25 packages or more.

Please click here and you'll be directed to our custom page. Items you select will be sent directly to the shipping address you provide. Be sure to contact out-of-town friends and relatives to request their participation in our flower bulb fundraiser!

Please place your order by December 1, 2014.

Thank you for your support!!


Holiday Photos 2014

Holiday-Photos-Flyer-UPDATED 2014"Paws" for pictures because Karl is back to take your holiday portraits! There is only one outdoor session and one indoorsession this year so please hurry to book your spot! The outdoor session will take place on October 19  at the War Memorial Park in West Bridgewater! An outdoor setting creates a great backdrop with the fall foliage, lots of good light, and an atmosphere where your dog(s) will be calm and happy.

If you can't make it to the outdoor session, we will be doing the indoor session on November 2 at J.M. Pet Resort / Blue Dog Shelter.

Experienced volunteers will be available to help handle dogs. All proceeds are donated to the Blue Dog Shelter! 

Sessions are approximately 20-30 minutes each and begin at 8:30 AM and will end at 4 PM. 

Sitting Fee:
$50 (up to four (4) people/dogs total) 
Per additional dog /person: + $10
Maximum Payment of $60

Fee must be paid at time of booking.
Support the Blue Dog Shelter and call today to reserve your sitting. 


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Cars for Blue

Donate a car (running or not) to the Blue Dog Shelter and we turn it into money to feed, house, train, and medicate the shelter dogs! Learn more.

Adoption Hours

Monday 10AM-3PM
Tuesday 10AM-3PM
Wednesday 10AM-3PM
Thursday 10AM-3PM
Friday 10AM-3PM
Saturday 9AM-2PM
Sunday As Announced

Donate Today

We would like to thank you for any and all donations made to the shelter.


Is your dog Microchipped?

Many dogs end up in shelters every year because their owners can't be located. Volunteers at the Blue Dog Shelter will microchip your pet for $30 which includes registration with 24PetWatch. Call to make an appointment. 508.436.6446